How enterprises can respond to rapidly evolving ransomware?

ransomware primarily penetrates organizations and enterprise through phishing e-mails and it may be spread via media including exploits and other malware. ransomware runs quickly, with 30,000 files damaged in just four minutes of infection. It spreads from machine to machine over the company network, infects endpoint devices and servers and storage media on the network.

Rise of new threat: Cryptojacking

Last year, Ransomeware such as Wannacry devastated the globe. Although Ransomeware had existed as a threat long before 2017, the vast infection rate and the damage rate quickly brought every security company to release new patches against the new high level threat. Ironically, Ransomeware had very close activation method as encryption technology, encryption & decryption Read more about Rise of new threat: Cryptojacking[…]

What does SITECHECKER do?

AIONCLOUD offers Cloud WAF and SITECHECKER service to protect your website. Everyone know what WAF can bring to the table, but what about SITECHECKER? SITECHECKER is not an ordinary web scanning service. While web scanning provides if the website is vulnerable against certain attacks such as SQL injections and cross site scripting, SITECHECKER will diagnose Read more about What does SITECHECKER do?[…]

How to partner with AIONCLOUD

AIONCLOUD is open to all who wants web security protection for their website.But AIONCLOUD is also opened to companies who wished to provide their own web security service on cloud! Here some of the example which you can operate business by agreeing on partnership with AIONCLOUD. White-label partner: White label partner is pretty simple. AIONCLOUD Read more about How to partner with AIONCLOUD[…]

What is the difference between WAF and Cloud-based WAF?

Unlike traditional network firewalls, general Web Firewall Web application firewall (WAF) is a solution that developed specifically for web application security. Web firewalls inspect suspicious web traffic that other security appliances may miss before reaching the actual web server, and automatically catch malicious web traffic after filtering illegal traffic. Web firewalls are essential for mitigating Read more about What is the difference between WAF and Cloud-based WAF?[…]

How does a web firewall protect a web application?

Millions of people use web applications every day and connect to the Internet. The Internet and Web (home page) services have a direct impact on our daily lives and also our business work. Web applications have become a necessity for modern people, and the web where personal and sensitive information is concentrated, has become one Read more about How does a web firewall protect a web application?[…]

Understanding Malicious Code

AIONCLOUD is cloud based web security service which provides protection against malicious code. But what is malicious code? Is it a virus? Is it a bug? Or is it just a combination of everything that tries to infiltrate and destroy someone’s system? Malicious code is known to be code that harms computer users which includes Read more about Understanding Malicious Code[…]

Inspecting SSL for security

The part that is easy to overlook in data encryption is the data ‘transmission’ section. Encryption is meaningless if encryption is not performed throughout the data transmission period. The data is encrypted in DB and device, but if it is transmitted in plain text, the security is not applied at all. SSL/ TLS encrypted communication Read more about Inspecting SSL for security[…]

The unquestionable importance of web security

Web security is attracting attention again due to ransomware incident that spread over the world. In recent years, many incidents have occurred on the Internet. More people than ever before use internet banking, enjoy online shopping and leisure time. “Internet” is defined as the international information network that connects the world, and the service that Read more about The unquestionable importance of web security[…]