Enterprise-Grade Cloud WAF

  • Cloud-based Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Machine Learning Engine
  • Malicious Bot Detection

Robust Security

Cloud WAF protects against the most critical web threats such as SQL injection, DDoS, information leaks and identity theft. Cloud WAF detects and blocks millions of web threats for thousands of sites.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Cloud WAF Complies with PCI-DSS. AIONCLOUD protects you from non-compliance penalties and liabilities, while preventing exposure of proprietary information.

Custom Security Rule

Cloud WAF controls over who and what can access your website. AIONCLOUD's user defined rule can be handled to unwanted visitors by specific IP, URLs and countries.

How Cloud WAF Protects against Web Threats

Simple Management

Cloud WAF enables you to manage security easily without IT expertise knowledge. AIONCLOUD's intuitive UI allows you to monitor website status in real time and provide protection with simple security policy.

Monitoring Website Status in Real Time

Gain access to the detailed website status in real time including traffic, number of visit and attacks. AIONCLOUD's intuitive UI that allows you to monitor activities and statistics in details.

Simple Security Policy Setting

Cloud WAF provides simplified security setting, so you can apply the security policy quickly and simply. Optimize your own security policy using detailed log to determine the types of attacks.

Cost Effective

Using Cloud WAF eliminates procurement, deployment and maintenance costs. With pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay for what you use and build security system with competitive price.

Cloud WAF allows you to quickly deploy service to meet all of your business needs at competitive price.

Let's get started Cloud WAF

Cloud WAF can be used by anyone with websites, regardless of website's platform and business size. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up the service and all you have to do is register our service and change DNS Setting. There is no hardware or soft-ware to install or maintain and no code changes required. Also, you can keep your current hosting provider.
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Cloud WAF Product Tour

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