AIOS Platform, Profiling Technology,
Threat Intelligence, Machine Learning

Protect Critical Web Threats with
Advanced Technology

AIOS Platform

  • AIOS (APPLICATION INSIGHT Operating System) - AIONCLOUD exclusive platform
  • Enables to optimize AIONCLOUD technology as basic platform for AIONCLOUD service
  • Ensure stability and reliability
  • Based on revolutionary AIONCLOUD technology that enables inspection for every byte of traffic by every service

Profiling Technology

  • Develops profile DB based on normal request of client
  • Response of web server by self-learning engine
  • Block abnormal traffic by using normal traffic profiling as the best defense model against unknown attacks

Threat Intelligence

  • Responses to evolving threats by collecting, analyzing and sharing threats
  • Discovers threats and malicious activities in real time and analyze / process relevant information
  • Provide instant mitigation for vulnerabilities
  • Create pattern for known malicious data and provide virtual patching in real time

Machine Learning

  • Determine maliciousness accurately
  • Prevent 99.99% of SQL injection to utilize pattern classifier to detect injection attack
  • Identify never before seen attacks and new unknown
  • Mitigate advanced threats including zero-day attack