WAF service at a lower cost and easy configuration
based on the Cloud for your website security

WAF is …

01 Powerful and free WAF service that does not require HW / SW installation, maintenance, license 02 Easy to install and configure via SECaaS platform 03 Simple subscription process, easy management

WAF|EASY Installation and Setting in few minutes

Why WAF?

  • website graphic with a shield in the middleSECURITY Strengthen website security
  • website graphic with a refresh icon in the middlePERFORMANCE Optimize website performance
  • bag of money with coins in front of itLOWER COSTReduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Crossed arrows expandingSCALABILITYScalability on demand with pay-as-you-go system
  • recycling iconEASY to USE Reduce procedures with easy management
  • clock graphicUPDATE Real-time update of latest security features

WAF|FREE up to 5 GB/month+ more

You can use WAF for free up to 5GB per month and additional capacity with pay-as-you-go system that allows you to expand or shrink freely. So WAF is cost-effective.

WAF|HIGH Performance in SECURITY

WAF service provides the same function as a Web Application Firewall with low cost and easy setting. It protects your website against the critical web threats such as Brute Force Attack, Malicious Bot, SQL injection, XSS.
Brute Force Attack Block Blocks Client attempting to log in a large number with a threshold-based policy and registers it as Blacklist IP.
WAF brute force attack block graphic
Malicious Bot Block Blocks malicious Bot such as SPAM, crawling, scraping, and hacking tool. To overcome threshold-based detection policy’s limitation, provides HoneyPot URL function.
WAF malicious attack block graphic
OWASP Top 10 Block Blocks the most critical vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF with various policies.
WAF OWASP Top 10 vulnerability block graphic


WAF service provides various features to optimize your website’s operation
  • Multi-Domain ManagementYou can use multiple domains with one account. WAF applies different policies by domain
  • Web Acceleration with Web CachingWAF stores frequently requested files in cache, and if the files is requested, it sends them to Client quickly to reduce traffic & time
  • SSL Certificate IssueWAF provides free SSL certificates that encrypt plain traffic between visitor and Web server.

Simple Initial Setting for WAF

  • > CNAME change to change existing website visitor’s traffic to WAF
  • > CNAME change changes the website’s address to WAF’s one to apply security policy.
  • > How to change CNAME (example)
  • STEP 01

    After applying for WAF service, you should be issued a WAF-dedicated Domain Name such as "210a7a86-.aioncloud.net".
  • STEP 02

    You should insert issued Domain Name in the DNS information of your website.
  • STEP 03

    Now, WAF service is available!
Before and after configuration of WAF
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