Cloud-based AIONCLOUD SWG with affordable, easy to
use to protect your clients from harmful web access

AIONCLOUD SWG (Secure Web Gateway) is …

01 A complete secure web gateway solution delivered as a service.
02 Deploy in minutes & Easy to use.
03 Always-on security that follows the service user regardless of location.

AIONCLOUD SWG|Defend Web attacks by URL filtering

AIONCLOUD SWG URL filtering hierarchy


SWG service can implement the same capabilities as Secure Web Gateway functionality,
which was delivered in the form of equipment,
at a low cost and easy setup on the cloud without installing the equipment.
SWG service controls client internet access based on detection website you want to visit
checking suspicious links or URLs containing suspicious files.
Filter Categories block malicious categories in real time and Add links to AICC in the classification category database to classify
  • Malicious software
  • botnet
  • Spam
  • Misused Sites
  • Phishing / Fraud
  • Anonymous Services
  • Network error
  • Unused Domains

AIONCLOUD SWG|Malicious URL Detection

AIONCLOUD SWG collects, analyzes, and processes malicious URLs by making a high-speed, dynamic visit to
the real-time site to detect them in real time. SWG-linked TI platform AICC’s MUD technology
visits websites directly for analysis, finds malicious code and filters malicious sites.
Malicious site filtering Block access to harmful sites based on URL category classification. Policies can be applied by site and categorized as user-defined keywords.
  • Malicious site detection
  • Malicious site classification of malicious sites
  • Regular word and expression detection
  • IP Detection
  • URL Detected
  • String detection
Malicious code detection Detect based on pattern profiling data for malware penetration.
  • Redirect
  • Command code
  • Exploit Kit page
  • JS obfuscation etc.
Real-time analysis of malicious files.

AIONCLOUD SWG|Prevent Information Leak

SWG service provides network-based DLP functionality to prevent leakage of
PC user personal information or internal documents.
  • upload signBlock file upload via bulletin
    board or web hard, etc.
  • magnifying glass with a key in the middleData leakage prevention by
    keyword & file size control, etc.
  • picture attachment iconPrevents leakage of
    attachments or compressed files.


AIONCLOUD SWG provides all security features, including self-encrypting and control for SSL traffic (HTTPS),
without requiring a separate system. Specifically, it controls outbound
traffic from clients to servers to provide perfect SSL visibility.
SWG enhanced security with the ability to automatically deploy SSL certificates.
If you don’t have SSL certificate, SWG will issue certificate and if not, it will pass by automatically.
  • a shield with the word Support SSL traffic encryption
  • web page with a top half of a gear on itSSL non-communication site
    automatic by pass
  • 2 documentsAutomatically deploy SSL

AIONCLOUD SWG|Multi-Tenancy Based High Performance Security Engine

SWG services run on a Multi-Tenancy Based SASE platform. The platform configures a multitenancy-based service infrastructure through the interconnection of Service Gateway, Security Manager, Security Edge, and Log Collector. SWG service can be delivered anywhere in the world with one gateway, reducing the cost of the company’s backhaul and helping to ensure compliance with the company’s security compliance. SWG service is a high-performance, secure web gateway service based on the High Performance Proxy Engine. You can forward traffic to the cloud only with Proxy Auto Config (PAC) and routing settings from your head office or branch office.
AIONCLOUD SWG configuration

AIONCLOUD SWG|AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology on AICC

(Malicious URL Detection)
(URL Category Classification)
(Malicious All File Detection)
(Malicious Similarity Analysis)
Threat Intelligence Platform AICC (Application Insight Cloud Center)

  • bugMalicious File Block
  • Non-business site control

    > controling non-business traffic, such as finance, portals, and blogs by 60 categories

    > Applying different policies by user and establishing flexible policies through exception URLs

  • monitor graphic with a suspicious hatted man with a coat on it.Malicious URL Block
  • Block access to malicious sites

    > Categorization of nine malicious cartridges

    > Update malicious URL information in real time through MUD system sandboxing technology (AICLOUD Center)

    > Block access to malicious URLs and block attachments with malicious URLs

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