WMD Checks your website to
Keep it Healthy all the time in real time

WMD (Website Malware Detection) is ...
Diagnosis Service to Detect Malware in the Websites

WMD (Website Malware Detection) service visits website regularly and diagnoses malware infection
for quick and early response and minimizing damage. WMD executes multi-level analysis with
static / dynamic analysis engine
(MUD; Malicious URL Detection).

How WMD works

WMD performs multi-level detection/analysis to detect malware using MUD
(Malicious URL Detection) engine to detect whether to be exploited as malware transit / spreading point
  • STEP 01
  • STEP 02
  • STEP 03
  • Visit Site to Check Malware

    Visits website regularly and quickly diagnose malware infection

    a web page with a stethoscope and a magnifying glass on it.
    • Using sandbox technology, directly visit malicious sites to track malware
    • Dynamic and quick visit to target site
  • Analyze by MUD

    Static / Dynamic analysis with MUD (Malicious ULR Detection) engine

    a computer monitor with a bar chart on it
    • Suspicious events detected by static analysis are subjected to in-depth malware detection through dynamic analysis.
    • Analyze encoded or obfuscated malware
    • Detect exploit through OS events and drive-by-down through web vulnerability
    • Analyze external links included in the registered website (linked ads and external script files)
  • Automated Alert & Sharing

    Analyzed information is sent as reports and alerts via SMS / EMAIL

    a web page with a picture of an atom on it
    • Malicious URL/code detection
    • Collect and store data
    • Data analysis and visualization
    • Sharing data via API
  • a web page with a stethoscope and a magnifying glass on it.
    1) Visit website regularly
  • a magnifying glass with line with dots on it
    2) Discover Suspicious Event through Static analysis
  • a magnifying glass with an atom in the middle
    3) Detect execution path of malware through Dynamic analysis
  • graphic of a bug inside a box with an arrow pointing outwards
    4) Detect malicious URLs and code
  • graphic of a web page with a hatted man's face and magnifying glass on it.
    5) Analyze if website is exploited as malware origin / stop

WMD's Features

  • Provide recent & past diagnosis results
  • Provide infection check results & detailed view
  • Provide manual diagnosis feature
  • Provide information on Detection Time / Server IP / Server Port / Detected URL / Response data / Response data Size
  • User can view the reputation.
bar chart with lines on top
  • Provide each user with user-friendly interface
  • Show URLs diagnosis results / number of malicious & diagnosed URLs / progress status
  • Statistical information on malware analysis by period
slide switches
  • User can manage registered website
  • Protocol / domain / path / diagnosis period / automatic alert setting feature
  • Provide Threat Information gathered from AICC (Application Insight Cloud Center)
  • Correlation analysis with malware information collected and processed for many years

Malware is Anywhere but YOU MAY NOT KNOW

  • 669 million

    New Malwares Yearly

  • 7.8 %

    Detected Malware of all URLs

  • 1,242

    Ransomwares daily in 2017

Things you may not know, but Things MUD knows

  • lightening

    Web Vulnerability

  • bug


  • monitor graphic with a suspicious hatted man with a coat on it.


    Malware’s Damages

  • a web page with a warning sign in the middle

    Service Failure

  • money on fire

    Financial Loss

  • a man running away with a bag with a person's torso in it.

    Personal Information Leakage

  • thumbs down

    Decline in Credibility

    WMD’s Benefits

  • a bubble with a shield and a lock in the middle next to arrows

    Early response to security incident

  • decrepit building with arrows pointing inwards

    Minimize damage caused by attacks

  • a piggy bank with a clock and a dollar sign on it

    Procedure & cost saving for website protection

MUD can detect all types of website

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JAVA
  • XML
  • JS
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Python
  • C++
  • All types of development language

  • Joomla
  • Django
  • AngularJS
  • Drupal
  • All types of development framework

Automated Alert enables early response to attacks

  • a lit siren with an exclamation point on it next to an envelop.

    Automatic Alarm

    Provide Email notification when
    malware is detected

  • a clipboard with three lines on it.

    Automatic Report

    Send automatic report of diagnosis results

    You can see Report of your site automatically

  • > Display Diagnosis URL / Number of Malicious & Diagnosis URLs
  • > Provide statistics on malware analysis by period
  • > Set domain diagnosis scope (external / internal domain)


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