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What does WMD do?

AIONCLOUD offers WAF and WMD service to protect your website. Everyone know what WAF can bring to the table, but what about WMD? WMD is not an ordinary web scanning service. While web scanning provides if the website is vulnerable against certain attacks such as SQL injections and cross site scripting, WMD will diagnose the website. By diagnosis, it means WMD will check if the website has malware. For instance, if the website contains message board, some might penetrate it and uses it as a gateway to infect those who visit the website. These information are displayed as external URLs within the website, allowing the clients to manage their website effectively. By signing to the WMD service, WMD will continually visit the target website, and run its URLs through multi-level inspection technology. The routine can be set from hourly to weekly, and you can receive alerts through email when the website has been breached, allowing immediate response to threats. Sign up WMD now, and protect your website against advanced web threats and your visitors from getting infected!

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