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Using AIONCLOUD 101: How much?

AIONCLOUD provides you with WAF and WMD services, supporting your website with easy and strong security.
Question is, at what price?
Using a web security service means you can save money for the security solution and the man power to manage them.
But it also means you or IT manager has to take close look at the system.
Which is why it’s important to understand the service and its utility.
AIONCLOUD WAF service provides you 5GB free service every month.
This 5GB service traffic will be added to your account when you register your domain.
The date which monthly free traffic adds up is the date you register the domain as well.
For example, if you sign up on 1st of January and add domain on 5th, the free traffic will be added on the 5th.
And another 5GB will be added on the 5th of February.
However, if you need more than 5GB, you will need to sign up for monthly plan.
AIONCLOUD will send you’re a notice once your traffic exceed 80%, that way you understand the status of your account.
The monthly bill will be a Pay-pal subscription model, which means the billed traffic will be added up every month the date you purchase the plan.
Once the subscription plan is settled via Pay-pal, purchased traffic will be added to your account immediately, and billed monthly.
What happens if your traffic is exceeds the monthly plan?
You can either upgrade your monthly plan or purchase singular plan for the month you want.
Singular plan can be purchased multiple times, but the traffic will be dissolved at the end of the purchased month.
If you upgrade your monthly plan, don’t forget to sign in in your Pay-pal account to unsubscribe the previous plan, or else your Pay-pal will bill you twice a month.
If you are having trouble measuring your traffic, you can always contact AIONCLOUD support team to evaluate your website!
Please contact for support!

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