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AIONCLOUD provides secure
access service no matter
where your device is located.

AISASE (Application Insight Secure Access Service Edge)
ALL-IN-ONE platform that provides global cloud security service

Traditional networks used to be located within data centers, connecting users to secure applications. However, many applications are moving to software-as-a-service (SaaS) located outside the data center, and the data and files are also moving to online storage and access. With so many users and devices connected everywhere, traditional network security only increases complexity and cost, and can no longer solve the underlying problem.
  • AICC cloud with a brain on itProvides a full network security stack as a single cloud-based service platform
  • map of the world Multi-tenant architectures that dynamically scale on demand
  • map of the world Securely connect all Edge's Internet access, including desktop, laptop, mobile and IoT
  • map of the world Agile and flexible orchestration based on 40 IDCs in 15 countries
In today's digital business, users, devices, and network capabilities that require secure access are everywhere. Therefore, the Secure Access service must also be located everywhere.Enterprises need a new paradigm that shifts away from traditional methods and move close to the edge of a cloud service with integrated network and security.
AIONCLOUD sase platform
The AISASE platform is based on high-performance proxy technology and containerized cloud architecture, and performs Secure Server Access, which provides the necessary security services in the cloud-based data center, and Secure Internet Access, which provides a secure Internet access environment for all edges.
  • AICC cloud with a brain on itNo need to deploy hardware or software security solutions to counter new threats
  • map of the world Enhancing productivity by applying a centralized security policy to all access sessions
  • map of the world Latency reduction and speed improvements of response-sensitive services, such as video, VoIP, and video conferencing
  • map of the world Agile and flexible orchestration of rapidly increasing traffic usage

Application Insight Cloud Center

Today's cyber attackers use sophisticated and advanced targeting techniques. Application Insight Cloud Center (AICC) performs dynamic and static analysis of numerous threat events collected through machine-learning and sandboxing technologies to identify attackers and information about the attack’s purpose, goal, and behavior of the attack.
  • AICC cloud with a brain on itThreat intelligence and information to prevent or mitigate cyber attacks
  • map of the world Machine-learning based data collection and processing automation
  • map of the world Sandboxing and behavior analysis for files and URLs
The valuable threat information (IP, domain, host, file, etc.) of the identified cyberattack is updated in real-time on AIONCLOUD to build a proactive defense system against various threats.
  • AICC cloud with a brain on itOverall threat management policy reinforcements and prevention
  • map of the world Proactive prediction of cybersecurity threats rather than reactive protection
  • map of the world Detection of new and variant threats by similarity analysis

Visit AICC Portal

  • AICC cloud with a brain on itCHECK ANY URL FOR MALWARES
Threat information provided by AICC can also be found in the AICC Portal.

AICC Portal

AIONCLOUD Global Security Nodes

High-performance security anywhere anytime with AIONCLOUD’s 40 datacenters. Security with latency is catastrophic for businesses.
With AIONCLOUD’s reliable global nodes, our secure edge is available wherever you are. With AIONCLOUD’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), your users are protected with centralized policy control no matter where they are or what devices they use.
Implement zero trust architecture with AIONCLOUD’s services with granular control.
AIONCLOUD nodes map

AIONCLOUD User Interface Video

AIONCLOUD’s user console is intuitive for all users.
Our dashboard provides real-time monitoring and our console provides logs, statistics, and reports readily available for you.
Our policy setting is simple and easy to maneuver. Our policy setting also provides granular control for all your security needs.

Next Generation Security Operation Center

AIONCLOUD is supported by Next generation security operation center.
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